Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Atlanta WK

It is no secret--especially to readers of this blog--that Atlanta is a place where people go to party as hard as possible. It is indeed a place where player's are free to run wild, as nature intended. However, this does not always end well; people cannot continuously party without there being some repercussions and disasters. Whether you are a rapper or Andrew WK, partying hard still has its dangers.

Disaster recovery is just one of the many steps that need to be taken after any successful party. For instance: Planning, partying, elapse of time, disaster recovery. See? It is inevitable. Be prepared for any fires that might explode from your residence, or hurricanes that could stem from loud music. The dangers are many, as are the parties, so just remember that with great parties comes great responsibility and babes.

The parties have clearly not stopped, so the disasters are apparently being thwarted. Perhaps they combat the problems with other, even larger parties. True players know how to fight fire with fire. This will just keep escalating until the world either explodes or every single person on Earth is partying. Welcome to Atlanta, where the players party all night, everyday, and literally fight fire with fire.

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