Friday, July 16, 2010

A Foundation? I Don't Know what that Is.

Los Angeles is known for having massive earthquakes. People say that one day, the state might just sink into the ocean–this shouldn’t be too big of a concern though, since that isn’t really how it works. However, what should be a big deal is what might happen to your home during one of these big quakes.

Most homes in that same area--such as Encino, and Glendale--are already built to withstand the shakes, but those of you out there with a home that is not so sturdy, earthquake retrofitting is a great way to stabilize yourself. House bolting is also a good way to make sure that your house stays up while the rest of your city is getting down. Construction companies have a large range of techniques for making sure a building will stand up to almost anything.

Make sure your family safe, and give yourself some piece of mind; reinforce your home for any kind of natural disaster that might strike. It is almost always in vain when it comes to fighting Mother Nature, but we have at least got to try. She loves nothing more than to smash people’s homes and burn down their cities, but we have ways of protecting ourselves from her. One day, with enough reinforcement, she will have no choice but to come out and fight us all face to face.

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