Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This is a Good One

When I was in school there was this really obnoxious guy who dressed like a goon and loved talking about BMW repair. I'm, not making fun of him because he was a nerd or something--I'm making fun of him because he thought he was better than everybody else and deserved attention because of it. The rest of the school was aware of this as well, so one day, during one of his genius rants, this happened:

Our professor was talking about how to behave when trying to get a job. He mentioned something about dressing professionally and the awesome kid's voice broke out. "Well I got a job selling BMW's dressed just like this." Stop--you need to know how this kid dressed: Gigantic button-up shirt that hung almost to his knees, a tiny sweater vest over that, jeans with at least 300 holes in them--even in the giant flares at the bottom--wore at least three cameras around his neck at all times, had his Kindle under his arm, and a giant, poofy, swoop haircut. He looked like the embarrassing son of Robert Smith's hipster brother.

So anyway, the class says that just because this kid must have some kind of prior BMW repair or BMW service knowledge, it doesn't mean he shouldn't dress professionally for an interview just in case. So he starts to say, "I'm just saying that I got the job even though I'm dressed like--" "--You like art?" Big laugh. "No, I mean since I dress like--" "--You think you're English?" Huge laugh. "No! Just because I wear--" "Your personality?" That was the end of that kid's attempt to talk... for that day.

The point of this story is to tell you to look out for this kid whenever you are outside. Sure he had plenty of BMW service knowledge, but that doesn't mean I have to love him. Whether you live in Greensboro or Burlington, NC, this kid and his counterparts are out there. Be on the Lookout.

PS. This story is completely true and accurate. I know because I was writing down what everyone was saying as it happened; it was just too good not to.

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  1. Truly an inspiration, I knew WAY too many of those kids in high school. We must stand united to drive these monsters of ego out of the conversation, then true awesomeness can be upheld.