Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pest Consequences

Here are the top reasons to have a pest control company come in and clean out your house.

1. Bugs are gross, and if they are living in your house, that makes you gross by proximity.
2. Rats and other rodents are gross, so the same theory in reason #1 applies here as well.
3. If you are doing anything in your house and a rat runs by, it will ruin that thing you are doing.
4. Mini-list about things that can be ruined (see reason #3): Cooking, talking, kissing, laughing, sleeping, relaxing, or selling your house.
5. Not having a pest control company come and help clean out your house will make you look really, really lazy to everyone who knows that you have a nasty, rodent infested home.

So whether you live in Mobile AL, or Los Angeles, there is no harm in having some pest control people come out and fix up your place. Even if you are a hippie and are thinking, "Those creatures are beautiful, man--just live and let live my bro-chum." Tell that to everyone in Heaven who is dead because of the plague. That was a rat, dude. We all need to control our pests, whether it is to clean up the house or prevent the Angel of Death from returning with the plague.

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