Monday, August 16, 2010

If a company calls their self a glass company, what do they mean? Do they mean that they make anything that is glass related, that they only make cups and glasses, or that they are, indeed, a company made entirely out of glass? Perhaps the name means that they only hang with glass company--which could refer to some friends who, while decently solid, are not as trustworthy as concrete friends.

All I'm saying is that it's a pretty broad term. Does a glass company make things for cars? Homes? The possibilities are endless. However, maybe I am wrong in suggesting that they are not a company that can do all of those things. Perhaps this kind of place is a new all-encompassing glass business. This could be the way of the future with companies like this one leading the way.

I'm sure people from New York to Annapolis will be happy with this new business straight from the mind of Ayn Rand. Some tough people up in their ivory tower thinking, "Windows? Cups? Why can't we just make it ALL? We are the BEST." And they apparently are. So next time you are looking for a glass company, don't be surprised when you find one that does exactly what you need, plus a million other things.

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