Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cool Thievary

Even though our country's legal system is based on the premise of "innocent until proven guilty," people really hate watching supposed criminals be protected by a defense attorney during a trial. Not everyone is a criminal who is put on trial, and even then most people who have committed crimes haven't really done anything that bad.

What if Robin Hood (and I mean the cartoon fox, not Kevin Costner or Russell Crowe) was on the stand with his defense attorney helping him out? People would be singing a different tune then. In fact, isn't a little strange that most parents share that story with their kids and don't even worry about it? Don't get me wrong, that story is awesome, and I love that little kids are learning that stealing from rich people for the sake of the poor is okay, but I don't think parents want that. Yet, from New York to Charlotte they still tell that story.

The point is that some crimes are hardly hurting anybody. If someone got caught stealing from rich people only to give it all to the poor, we would hate it, but we shouldn't. Sure King John was bad, and that's why it was okay for Robin Hood to steal from him, but King Richard was also crazy, so shouldn't the lesson be that stealing from anyone in charge is fine? Seems that way.

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