Monday, August 23, 2010

The Best Ben

Let me tell you about Ben Best. He might appear to just be a young man with a catering job, but appearances can be deceiving. He is also a lover of cats and a shredder of guitars. The average person might say, "You know, I am satisfied with my life in the catering business--I don't need art or emotions to be happy." Not only would that person be wrong, but they would also not be Benjamin Q Best.

If you ever see a dude sauntering down the street with massive headphones on and at least one green item of clothing, you might be looking at the man, the mystery. Perhaps you will be at an event and someone on the catering crew will be throwing back Italian sodas like there is no tomorrow--could it be?

Ben, or as we sometimes call him, Mequon, might be able to fool you into thinking that catering is his life, but YEAH RIGHT. He is a cultured man about town, interested in dining out and intellectual films. I hope there are at least fifteen eligible ladies out there reading this--do not miss this opportunity. Ben won't be available forever, so start making some headway now, and maybe in a few years you will have finally won him over.

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