Friday, August 27, 2010

Movie Ideas

I am trying to think of a movie that revolves around a chiropractor. I am having a seriously hard time thinking of one. Does this mean that the lack of movies focusing on a chiropractor are cause to make a movie about a chiropractor, or is it a clue that people have tried and failed?

Well it is my opinion that a good writer and filmmaker can make an interesting story about anything. So maybe it isn't that people have failed at making a chiropractor movie, they just haven't tried hard enough. Life is about challenging yourself, people--stop making the easy movies where animals wear sunglasses and people date despite being annoying. I want to see something about a rogue chiropractor with nothing to lose. BOOM. That was my pitch--get to work on it.

I can't remember if it's Hollywood or Gulfport where all the movies get made, but if one of those cities is reading this then heed my words: I watch a lot of movies dude, so I know what I am talking about. A chiropractor with a license to kill, and a dog wearing sunglasses would form a movie team that we could both agree on--we would both see that stupid movie.

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