Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hippie Cat

One of the biggest problems that a progressive hippie-ish person faces is the life of their pet. Seriously, how hard is it to find some natural cat food? Actually not that hard. Natural cat food is not only out there, but it is the first step in many for your cat to becoming as awesome as you are.

Soon after the natural cat food has become a regular thing, give your cat a bath using some oat soap--cats supposedly hate water, but they actually just hate using soap with artificial ingredients. After the bath, slap some patchouli on that beast and head to Good Earth. Grab some Shiitake Mushrooms and listen to NPR on the way home. Your cat will finally feel at home in its new, more rewarding life.

Before you know your cat will be using your compost pile as its litter box--just doing their part. And this will all be because you started your cat on an all-natural diet. basically you helping your cat will just be another thing that can make you feel good about yourself, which is really what's important. You and your cat will be the talk of the Farmer's Market for the rest of the summer.

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