Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cooking Stuff

Why are there copper pots and pans? I always thought copper was normally reserved for plumbing and conducting electricity. Perhaps a copper pot can conduct heat the same way it can conduct electricity. I have no way of knowing how true this can ever be, and I am definitely not about to look it up, so it will all be speculation from here on out.

If people can get burns from electricity then that means there is tons of heat in there somewhere. Logically this means that copper pots and pans can conduct heat to your veggies like gangbusters. So go and get some pans that will give your food electrical burns--flash fry that garlic and oil in no time flat. Plus your friends will be impressed that you have purchased such an aesthetically pleasing set of cookware.

After thinking about this subject as I was writing it, I came to the conclusion that copper cookware sets are great for cooking food fast and efficiently. If you don't believe me just read this post one more time--I can wait. Done? Now that you see it my way, go forth and buy some of these fancy cooking items and change your life for the better.

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