Friday, August 27, 2010

Designer Law Terms

If there is one positive thing that comes from designer consignment shops, it is that people who love fashion and expensive clothes are now forced to figure out what the word "consignment" means. If a model sees the phrase Designer Consignment as a part of some ad for a clothing store, he or she will think, "I know that this store sells things that I like to buy, and I know that the word "designer" means that things will be expensive and important... but that other word..."

This model will be forced to look up the word, which is a law term having to do with putting one person or item into the hands of another person until said object is sold to a third party. That should clear things up for our friend the model. Their heart will be filled with joy as they decide to give up on the meaning of the word and just go shop there anyway.

Designer consignment is a great way to make really expensive things even more expensive and important. Whether the prices are more or less expensive, something about the whole experience feels very black market--which is also another way of saying rare.

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