Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Am Barely a Criminal

A lot of people do not like idea of a criminal defense lawyer. This is because most people see crimes as defined by law and not by a set of ethics. I was once arrested because of a broken taillight. That's right--because the taillight of my car was broken, I was issued a ticket that was never paid, and thus a warrant was put out for my arrest. Let's look at this from non-insane point of view.

What is the problem with a broken taillight? The biggest problem I can think of is that at night someone might run into the back of my car. This is isn't technically a crime, but I suppose it is a little discourteous. However, my light only had a small hole in it, meaning it still glowed red--not to mention I had another light in perfect working order.

In the eyes of the law I was a criminal on the run; I had better hire a criminal defense firm to watch my back. Yet in the eyes of any normal person I hadn't done anything wrong. I grew up near Vista CA where real crimes happened all the time. The police should waste less time making money on tickets and more time arresting people who break the laws that have a purpose.

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