Saturday, August 21, 2010

Please, Just Be Normal

I have had plenty of accidents in my life. Lucky for me none of them have been too serious. And by not serious I mean that I have never had to hire a personal injury lawyer. This makes me a good person. How can not getting injured make a good person? Excellent question, Internet. The important things is not actually that I have never sustained a serious injury, the important thing to note is that I have never felt I was hurt to enough to sue someone for a little money.

Not hiring a personal injury lawyer doesn't actually make me a good person--it makes me a normal person. That is to say, it should make me a normal person, but it seems like so many people are filing greedy and frivolous lawsuits these days that I seem nice by comparison. Not trying to squeeze money out of people is something that should be a common trait for every human being. So where is it?

Whether you live in New York or Houston this problem can be found. People are getting more and more greedy, and there doesn't seem to be any end to it. The obvious solution should be saying, "Hey stop being so weird," but no one listens to common reasoning like that.

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